Monthly Archive: August 2011

A Jolly Holislay

As our lovely Kate Push said below, we’ve had a pretty busy few weeks in MRD Land – what with marathons, bouts, getting a new amazing bunch of Heroes… we were all in definite need of a holiday. This was obviously misheard and we were packed off to Grantham to play in Jolly HoliSlay, hosted […]


MuRDer in the DARK – An MRD fundraiser

I must apologise – it’s been deathly quiet around here of late… but then again, we’ve been super busy! Little bit late I know, but Carry on Jamming scores went a little like this: Manchester Roller Derby 115 – 108 Newcastle Roller Girls, Campers 112 – 69 Cruisers. It was a great day, if super […]