Vic Tori Bee buzzing over Team England announcement

Team England recently announced the list of skaters that made it through to the second round of try-outs for the Roller Derby World Cup 2014. Among the 153 skaters who tried out in Manchester and London were seven skaters from MRD’s CheckerBroads.

Team England’s judges issued out a statement saying, “The standard genuinely was incredibly high, and the decisions around the shortlist very difficult to make”. Just one MRD skater managed to make it through to the next stage – the first MRD skater to get this far.

The next and final stage of try-outs will be held on 19 January 2014 in Birmingham. We caught up with Vic Tori Bee to find out more…

D Crompton PhotographyPhoto by D. Crompton Photography

First of all, congratulations on making it through to the next stage! How did you feel after the try-outs?

I had adrenaline running through me, much like after a bout. My mind was buzzing with all the things that had happened on the track. It was such an enjoyable experience and I revel in a competitive environment, so it was right up my street. Overall, I felt I performed well on the day. Being full of a cold in such a warm venue wasn’t easy on the body but I got the opportunity to show the coaches what I can do. All I could really hope is that what I can do was good enough. With all the support and big-ups I’ve had, it was easy to feel confident.

What would you say about the level of skill you saw?

I was very focused on my own play and didn’t get too wrapped up in watching others, but the high skill level was very evident, especially in the scrimmage section of the try-out. Girls bringing their skills and tricks to the track to impress the coaches meant for some spectacular moments of awe. And, yes, I did get jelly legs while blocking Stefanie Mainey.

Roller Derby on Film - copyright Jason Ruffell

Photo by Roller Derby on Film

How did you react when you got that e-mail telling you you’d made it through to the next stage?

“OMG OMG OMG :D” was the only way I could express it in my Facebook status, I was speechless. I was just tapping away catching up with various other FB notifications when the email banner popped up at the top of my phone, I just saw ‘Team England’ and my heart fell to my stomach. I was muttering ‘please, please, please’ whilst the e-mail opened, which took FOREVER. When I read I’d been successful I was thrilled, completely ecstatic! I wasn’t shocked as it was all part of the plan I’d visualised. There was definitely a feeling of contentment – being another step closer to my ultimate goal, one I’d set myself two years ago.

And how do you feel about 19th January?

Excited! I was excited about the first round, so make that VERY excited! I don’t tend to get nervous, just excited.

What do you think of the list of skaters announced as having made it through?

It’s fantastic to see so many leagues represented, it goes to show how much teams around the UK are upping their training and becoming more and more competitive and athletic. From the names I know, that’s a list of great skaters and it’s an honour to be listed alongside them.

Will you be doing anything special in prep for the next stage?

This is where the hard work really starts. I will be upping my off-skates training to strengthen up and get more explosive power. I’m also hoping to join some top teams around the UK for scrimmage to prepare myself for the level of play on the day. I’m more motivated than ever to eat well, prepare my body and fine tune my skating skills. There’s a list of specific skills I want to master before January, so will likely be seen trying some crazy s**t in sessions at MRD over the next month.

Vic Tori Bee’s key stats…

Skating since: January 2011
Age: 28
Height: 5’3″
Favourite move: Transitions
Derby inspiration: Bonnie Thunders
Skating style: Agile and sneaky
Mission statement: Try anything.

Chris BrownPhoto by Chris Brown

Manchester Roller Derby wishes Tori the best of luck for the next round of try-outs! GO GET YOURS. 

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