An Invitation to Noel Gallagher

Have we all seen Noel Gallagher’s latest music video? Mancunian Oasis star turned solo artist has eschewed local talent and taken himself off 5,000 miles to the LA Derby Dolls.

Don’t get us wrong, those west coast girls are as tough as they come, but if he wanted aggressive and athletic women, he’s got his own home-grown eight-wheeled batch of High Flying Birds on his door step – we could have saved him the air fare.

Maybe he doesn’t think Manchester are up to it – or maybe he’s just upset about our “Wonderbrawl” pun from our first home game in 2011?

Either way, we’re inviting him to come and apologise in person at any of our home games this year, where he’ll be on the guest list. As long as he doesn’t try to keep our skates in his car, or touch any of our bums.

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