Manchester’s Heroes Graduate Roller Derby Style

It might take weeks, months, even years. We all progress at different rates, and all too often injuries or ‘real life’ get in the way, but all the hard work pays off once we nail those minimum skills and get to play some competitive roller derby.

Traditionally Manchester Roller Derby’s once-zeroes-now-heroes get to battle their training partners in a graduation ceremony. It all began with our first wave of heroes in 2011 where now veteran skaters made their debut. A few years on and our fifth wave of graduates, The 5kate Invaders, got to strut their stuff in a Spedgehogs v Personal Space Invaders match up.

We’ve got a few photos from the event, all captured by MRD Fury Braínne Edge. If these guys look like pros, it’s because by the time they come out of the MRD hero mill, they are.

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You can find out more about our Zero to Hero training programme here, but if you’re waiting to join or not sure it’s for you, you can check out a live game at our September triple header.

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