Non-skating Officials

non-skating official [non-skeyt-ing uh-fish-uhl]


1. To officiate without wearing roller skates.

Non-skating Officials (NSOs) are the unsung heroes of roller derby.  They do all the jobs that allow the bout to take place and play a vital role in the game.  There are usually between twelve and fifteen NSOs at any derby game and you will recognise them as being the ones around the track without skates on.  Not only do they make sure that bouts can happen and we know who wins, but they also track information that can be really helpful to show a team what they’re doing well and where they need improvement.

NSOs in action

Photo by Rich Spencer

NSO Roles

We need score trackers, line-up trackers, penalty trackers, inside whiteboard trackers, outside whiteboard trackers, penalty timers, scoreboard operators and jam timers.  If you’re interested in any of these roles or would like some information on what they involve, contact

NSOs chillaxing

Photo by Shirlaine Forrest