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New Intake Announcement!

Do you want to be the next Price or Lt Damn? Itching to get skates on and learn what it takes to play roller derby? Our next intake for new skaters will start on October 2nd 2016. Places are limited and sought after so for the latest news, join the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/797338143672028/ A sign-up […]


Derby Baby

I used to have a pair of those metal skates that I tied over my shoes when I was a kid in the seventies, rackety, useless things with hard wheels that juddered over every bump. Then when I was thirteen my birthday present was an amazing pair of blue and red roller boots. I skated […]


What do I need to play Roller Derby?

Want to play roller derby but have no idea where to start? Seen ‘Whip It’ and want to give it a go? In this short blog I’ll shine a little light on what I’ve learned, how to get involved and what equipment you’ll need to get you up and blocking in no time. The first […]